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2023-3-28 Tuesday

  • 1854-3-28 Britain and France declared war on Russia, the outbreak of the Crimean War
  • 1868-3-28 Gorky's Birthday
  • 1979-3-28 U.S. Three Mile Island nuclear power plant leak accident
  • 1941-3-28 British writer Virginia Woolf drowned himself
  • 1881-3-28 Facilities today, one of the four famous doctors ink was born
  • 1938-3-28 Pseudo Reformed Government "was established in Nanjing
  • 1688-3-28 Was born after the beginning of the Qing Dynasty the Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang his assistant, three generations of the Qing emperor
  • 1905-3-28 Late Qing Dynasty diplomat, poet Huang Zunxian's death
  • 1894-3-28 Jinyu in Shanghai by the North Korean government assassin
  • 1951-3-28 First meeting of the National Organization
  • 1986-3-28 The farmers generals Gan Zuchang 's the death
  • 1967-3-28 "The Tory Valley" tanker leak large quantities of crude oil
  • 1910-3-28 Frenchman Fabre successful test flight of the first seaplane
  • 1975-3-28 "The Godfather II" was the 47th Academy Award Best Picture 6
  • 1980-3-28 St. Helens volcanic eruption
  • 1969-3-28 The death of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower
Event occurred in the history on Marcy-28

Event occurred in the history on Marcy-28

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