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2023-4-1 Saturday

  • 2003-4-1 Hong Kong entertainment "brother" Leslie's death
  • 1906-4-1 Beijing-Hankou Railway opened to traffic
  • 1933-4-1 The Nazis forced banning Jewish merchants
  • 1933-4-1 Nazi Germany banned Jewish shop riots
  • 1930-4-1 Yan Xishan, Feng Yuxiang, Li Tsung-jen oath discuss Chiang, the outbreak of the Central Plains War
  • 1938-4-1 Establishment of the Office of the National Government, held in the War of Resistance Against Japan to expand Awareness Week
  • 1927-4-1 Chiang Kai-shek and Wang Jingwei closeted anti-communist "party purge"
  • 1924-4-1 Hitler was sentenced to five years in prison because of brasseries riots
  • 1943-4-1 Chinese Expeditionary Army training center in Kunming school
  • 1932-4-1 Ma Zhanshan anyway, again against Japan
  • 1578-4-1 British physiologist Harvey's birthday
  • 1978-4-1 Approved by the State Council to restore and provide fifty-five additional college
  • 1940-4-1 Northwest Shanxi Eighth Route Army against "mop-up" was a victory
  • 1986-4-1 Writer Wang Meng will take office the Minister of Culture
  • 1948-4-1 Mao Zedong put forward the general line and policy of the new democratic revolution
  • 1945-4-1 U.S. troops landed in Okinawa, Japan
Event occurred in the history on April-1

Event occurred in the history on April-1

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