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2023-4-4 Tuesday

  • 1974-4-4 Deng Xiaoping led a delegation to attend the sixth special session of the General Assembly
  • 1990-4-4 The Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region announced
  • 1884-4-4 Japanese fascist war criminals Yamamoto was born
  • 1979-4-4 Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's martyrdom
  • 1987-4-4 The death of famous film artists Situ Huimin
  • 1968-4-4 African American leader Martin Luther King was assassinated
  • 1938-4-4 Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nankai Southwest Associated University
  • 0208-4-4 Cai Wenji, home of the late Han Dynasty famous Qin Hui and Han
  • 1712-4-4 Kangxi implementation
  • 2008-4-4 Zimbabwe issued the largest denomination in the world 50 million-chun yuan banknotes
  • 1994-4-4 The world's largest wooden frame roller coaster road to be completed
  • 1975-4-4 Zhang Zhixin their lives for the truth
  • 1896-4-4 The first modern Olympic Games held in Athens
  • 1983-4-4 U.S. Challenger first flight to be successful
  • 1961-4-4 World Table Tennis Championships held in China for the first time
  • 1885-4-4 China and France signed the armistice conditions
Event occurred in the history on April-4

Event occurred in the history on April-4

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