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2024-4-10 Wednesday

  • 1993-4-10 The two sides of the Taiwan Strait signed an agreement notarized and mail inquiries
  • 1974-4-10 Golda Meir resigned as prime minister of Israel
  • 1906-4-10 Chinese Public School was founded in Shanghai
  • 1971-4-10 U.S. table tennis team to visit China, to open the door to Sino-US relations
  • 1998-4-10 Parties to the conflict to reach a peace agreement in Northern Ireland
  • 1995-4-10 Peking University students launched the first online relief operations
  • 1995-4-10 Party and state leaders, Chen Yun's death
  • 1938-4-10 Lu Xun Art Academy was established in Yan'an
  • 1946-4-10 Japanese vote in favor of the liberalization policy women to exercise their right to vote for the first time
  • 1992-4-10 "Red Sun" song with the national bestsellers
  • 1992-4-10 Irish Republican Army exploded a financial center in London
  • 1970-4-10 McCartney leave the Beatles split
  • 1932-4-10 The Hindenburg ballots increased defeated Hitler
  • 1983-4-10 Our players to achieve good results at the Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition
  • 1953-4-10 Swedish statesman Hammarskjöld was elected for the second term of Secretary-General of the United Nations
  • 2010-4-10 Polish presidential plane crashed in the Russian president and his wife were killed and 86 dignitaries
Event occurred in the history on April-10

Event occurred in the history on April-10

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