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2024-4-23 Tuesday

  • 1974-4-23 Portugal the "lieutenants movement" launched "Red Revolution"
  • 1960-4-23 China's Wan Dunlun a water
  • 1979-4-23 Case of Wang Shouxin corruption large sums of money are cracked
  • 1987-4-23 Daegu village, Tianjin to become China's first billion village
  • 1949-4-23 The birth of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy
  • 1949-4-23 The Liberation Army breakthrough Trinidad JiangFang Mao Zedong's poetry chase tottering foe
  • 1794-4-23 The birth of the Chinese thinker, writer Wei Yuan
  • 1946-4-23 Summer death of Ogle respect,, writer, educator
  • 1992-4-23 The annual report of the United Nations that the world increased the gap between rich and poor
  • 1989-4-23 Early Chinese movie star Hu Die death in Canada
  • 1970-4-23 Pu Xi repair, a famous female journalist's death
  • 1902-4-23 The Icelandic novelist Laxnes's birthday
  • 1891-4-23 Soviet composer Prokofiev's Birthday
  • 1910-4-23 Wang Jingwei apparently involved a plot to assassinate Zai Feng attempted arrest
  • 1956-4-23 The first China-made jet fighters succeeded in the trial
  • 1564-4-23 Shakespeare's Birthday
Event occurred in the history on April-23

Event occurred in the history on April-23

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