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2023-4-26 Wednesday

  • 1963-4-26 Jet Li was born
  • 1971-4-26 National Government of the Republic of China Executive Yuan? Finance Minister Soong died
  • 1960-4-26 South Korean President Syngman Rhee to step down
  • 1911-4-26 Tsinghua University, School Building
  • 1900-4-26 Chinese bird master modern Zhe School leader Wu? 'Birth
  • 1889-4-26 The representative of the Austrian philosopher, logician, analytic philosophy, Wittgenstein was born
  • 1984-4-26 Lined, film director, died of illness in Beijing
  • 2011-4-26 Commemorate the 25th anniversary of the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, "ghost town"
  • 1954-4-26 Geneva Conference
  • 1935-4-26 Mao Zedong's brother Mao Tan sacrifices
  • 1989-4-26 China's first dedicated synchrotron radiation facility was completed and commissioning completed
  • 1997-4-26 Peng Zhen's death in Beijing
  • 1913-4-26 Yuan Shikai banking group of five countries signed the aftermath of large borrowers
  • 1940-4-26 Li Lin died a heroic death, anti-Japanese heroine Indonesia returned
  • 1940-4-26 The Wang puppet National Government held "also have" ceremony
  • 1986-4-26 Occurred in the Soviet Union following the Chernobyl nuclear accident
Event occurred in the history on April-26

Event occurred in the history on April-26

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