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2023-4-29 Saturday

  • 1971-4-29 Siguang's death
  • 1903-4-29 France began to shut down all monastery
  • 1903-4-29 Students in Japan Organization refused Russia Movement "
  • 2011-4-29 Britain's Prince William and Kate civilians girl married
  • 2011-4-29 Number of southern U.S. states hit by tornadoes
  • 1992-4-29 A large-scale outbreak of ethnic conflict in American
  • 1992-4-29 The Deng Xiaoping conversation resurgence climax of the Hong Kong stock market
  • 1954-4-29 China and India to determine the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.
  • 1429-4-29 Led by Joan of Arc, the troops arrive Orleans, began to lift the siege of Orleans
  • 1932-4-29 The Japanese invasion of China Army Commander-in-Chief of the bombing killed
  • 1997-4-29 Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Convention entered into force
  • 1902-4-29 U.S. Senate easily by the rejection of the Chinese bill
  • 1991-4-29 The world's first cable-stayed bridge - Yangpu Bridge commenced
  • 1980-4-29 Movies master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock's death
  • 1931-4-29 Guangzhou Uprising, one of the leaders of the Chinese youth mentor and leader Yun Daiying sacrifice
  • 1928-4-29 Turks to abandon Islam and switch to the letters of the alphabet
Event occurred in the history on April-29

Event occurred in the history on April-29

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