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2024-5-11 Saturday

  • 1995-5-11 The dawn of 1000 massively parallel computer system through national Kam
  • 1995-5-11 China has become the sixth country successfully developed maglev train
  • 1905-5-11 Musician Xian Xinghai's birthday
  • 2008-5-11 China's large aircraft company was established in Shanghai registered capital of 190 million
  • 1864-5-11 The Ireland authoress volts Niqi's birthday
  • 1997-5-11 World chess champion Garry Kasparov and Deep Blue "contest
  • 1978-5-11 "Guangming Daily" published "Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth"
  • 1986-5-11 "Pronouns of cases," Professor Xia Chengdao's death
  • 1994-5-11 Mandela was sworn in as South African President
  • 1964-5-11 B-70 bombers maiden voyage three times the speed of sound
  • 1953-5-11 The establishment of the Islamic Association of China in Beijing
  • 1904-5-11 Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali was born
  • 1977-5-11 Silent film star Joan Crawford's death
  • 2004-5-11 The Supreme People's Procuratorate decided to conduct a serious investigation agencies of the terms of reference to human rights violations and criminal activities
  • 1901-5-11 The world's first together traffic fines
  • 1985-5-11 British Bradford stadium fire
Event occurred in the history on May-11

Event occurred in the history on May-11

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