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2023-7-7 Friday

  • 1981-7-7 Solar aircraft flying over the English Channel for the first time
  • 1981-7-7 The State Council issued the provisions to encourage self
  • 1976-7-7 Leather Ding will be the death of
  • 1972-7-7 Kakuei Tanaka was elected Prime Minister of Japan, the normalization of Sino-Japanese relations
  • 1968-7-7 The person suspected of the assassination of John F. Kennedy detained
  • 1967-7-7 British actress Vivien Leigh's death
  • 1950-7-7 U.S. manipulation of the UN Security Council through illegally resolution organization "UN Command"
  • 1945-7-7 National Government announced comprehensive counter-offensive on the Japanese
  • 1937-7-7 Marco Polo Bridge Incident
  • 1930-7-7 British writer Arthur Conan Doyle's death
  • 1929-7-7 Flights between the U.S. East Coast for the first time navigable
  • 1927-7-7 Feng Yuxiang ceremony to send the Communist Party of exit
  • 1902-7-7 Clear note to the British government on the British and Indian army invaded Tibet
  • 1746-7-7 Italian astronomer Qi Zhu Sepp Pia, born
  • 1307-7-7 British Plantagenet King Edward I's death
  • 1974-7-7 West German team won the tenth World Cup soccer championship
Event occurred in the history on July-7

Event occurred in the history on July-7

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