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2024-7-12 Friday

  • 2010-7-12 South Pacific once in 350 years total solar eclipse
  • 2006-7-12 Catastrophic armed conflict between Lebanon and Israel
  • 2005-7-12 The world's oldest captive giant panda, "the United States and the United States, died
  • 2003-7-12 To Iraq "anthrax Lady released
  • 1988-7-12 "Piper Alpha" explosion of the drilling platform
  • 1983-7-12 China and the UK on the future of Hong Kong, the second stage to talk about in Beijing
  • 1975-7-12 British set off nude gallop boom
  • 1970-7-12 American movie "Patton" exhibition
  • 1948-7-12 Painter George Braque Prize of Venice
  • 1943-7-12 Transferred to a comprehensive counterattack the Soviet Red Army in the Battle of Kursk
  • 1940-7-12 British wiped out the French fleet in Algeria
  • 1937-7-12 Zhang Hanhui and write "on the Songhua River."
  • 1927-7-12 CPC Central Committee and the restructuring of Chen Duxiu interdiction
  • 1917-7-12 Pu Yi, the end of the restoration of the monarchy
  • 1915-7-12 Taiwan I breeze initiated the anti-Japanese riots
  • 1913-7-12 Sun Yat-sen Xingbing crusade against Yuan Shikai, launch a "second revolution."
Event occurred in the history on July-12

Event occurred in the history on July-12

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