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2024-7-21 Sunday

  • 2008-7-21 Ram Yadav, the first president of the Constituent Assembly elections in Nepal
  • 2007-7-21 India, the birth of the first female President Pratibha Patil
  • 1988-7-21 China Machinery and Electronic Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce was established
  • 1986-7-21 Zhang Yu Zhe's death, the principal founder of modern astronomy
  • 1985-7-21 Divers find hundreds of millions of dollars in treasure
  • 1977-7-21 Libya and Egypt four days the outbreak of war.
  • 1970-7-21 Completion of the Aswan High Dam in Egypt
  • 1969-7-21 "Apollo to the moon
  • 1960-7-21 Sirimavo Bandaranaike became the first female Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
  • 1960-7-21 The Englishman create single new record for crossing the Atlantic
  • 1954-7-21 The signing of the Geneva Agreement on Indochina
  • 1950-7-21 CPC Central Committee forwarded the report of the Beijing Municipal Committee on Rectification work
  • 1946-7-21 Guan died
  • 1928-7-21 National anti-Japan Conference held in Shanghai
  • 1921-7-21 Mitchell confirmed sunk warship from the air bomb
  • 1919-7-21 "The Tianjin Students Federation will be reported Publication
Event occurred in the history on July-21

Event occurred in the history on July-21

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