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2023-7-22 Saturday

  • 2006-7-22 The birth of the Diving World Cup 100 gold
  • 2003-7-22 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's two sons killed by U.S. forces in Mosul
  • 1997-7-22 Pol Pot sentenced to life imprisonment by the Khmer Rouge
  • 1997-7-22 Palais de Chaillot, France fire
  • 1994-7-22 First Soong Ching Ling Scholarship award in Shanghai
  • 1992-7-22 The world's number one drug trafficking magnate Escobar jailbreak absconding
  • 1977-7-22 On the Third Plenary Session of the Tenth Chinese Communist Party, Deng Xiaoping was restored to all party, government and military duties
  • 1970-7-22 Chengdu-Kunming Railway opened to traffic
  • 1968-7-22 The school system should be shortened, education revolution, Mao Zedong said:
  • 1967-7-22 Slogan came out of the "war of Bue
  • 1954-7-22 Of the formation of the Navy's first destroyer brigade
  • 1946-7-22 UK office in Jerusalem was blown up
  • 1940-7-22 Hundred Regiments in the Eighth Route Army wreck is too Road
  • 1931-7-22 Yangtze River along the heavy rain, the prevalence of infectious diseases
  • 1930-7-22 Germany to salvage the "Hindenburg"
  • 1921-7-22 The rise of modern dance in the United States
Event occurred in the history on July-22

Event occurred in the history on July-22

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