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2024-7-23 Tuesday

  • 2006-7-23 China starts Sanskrit Pattra conservation and research projects
  • 2005-7-23 World War II of the captivity Day China labor oral history published
  • 1999-7-23 Morocco's King Hassan II's death
  • 1997-7-23 Myanmar and Laos joined the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
  • 1996-7-23 And Zhan Xugang break the three world record
  • 1995-7-23 Found that the end of the century comet Haile Pope "
  • 1995-7-23 Two amateur astronomers in the United States found that the end of the century comet "Haile Pope"
  • 1992-7-23 The Czech Republic and Slovakia to split
  • 1987-7-23 Iraq announced its acceptance of UN Security Council Resolution 598
  • 1986-7-23 Held a grand wedding of Prince Andrew and Ferguson
  • 1975-7-23 Altitude of 8848.13 meters of precisely measured the top of Mount Everest
  • 1968-7-23 Han Dynasty jade dress in Hebei Mancheng Xiling Mountain Jing of Zhongshan tomb unearthed
  • 1967-7-23 The race riots ravaged cities of the United States
  • 1959-7-23 Nixon and Khrushchev expand the "Kitchen Debate"
  • 1956-7-23 Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture established
  • 1951-7-23 French army general Petain's death
Event occurred in the history on July-23

Event occurred in the history on July-23

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