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2023-7-29 Saturday

  • 1997-7-29 The establishment of China's first agricultural demonstration area
  • 1996-7-29 Japanese Prime Minister Hashimoto's visit to the Yasukuni Shrine
  • 1996-7-29 The Chinese government announced a moratorium on nuclear testing
  • 1995-7-29 The university graduation implement two-way choice
  • 1994-7-29 British chemist, Nobel Prize winner Dorothy Crowe Foote Hodgkin's death
  • 1994-7-29 Former Italian Prime Minister Craxi was sentenced
  • 1986-7-29 Fathers Deng Jiaxian the death of the "two bombs"
  • 1984-7-29 Xu Haifeng won the first Olympic gold medal for China
  • 1981-7-29 Fernando Alonso, the Spanish Formula One racing driver, born
  • 1981-7-29 The Prince of Wales and Diana wedding
  • 1981-7-29 Prince Charles and Princess Diana wedding ceremony held in London
  • 1975-7-29 The birth of the Korean professional Go players in terms of financial Lee Chang-ho
  • 1969-7-29 Modern famous historian Fan Wenlan died in Beijing
  • 1948-7-29 The opening of the 14th Olympic Games
  • 1948-7-29 14th Olympic Games Photo Gallery
  • 1946-7-29 North China outbreak of "Anping events" in
Event occurred in the history on July-29

Event occurred in the history on July-29

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