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2023-8-3 Thurday

  • 2008-8-3 Closure of the 15th session of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation Summit
  • 2008-8-3 Solzhenitsyn's death, the world-famous writer, Nobel Prize winner in literature
  • 2007-8-3 Yunnan police leadership triad and organized prostitution was the death penalty
  • 2002-8-3 England found the Legionnaires' disease
  • 1989-8-3 International expedition across Antarctica to reach the South Pole on King George Island
  • 1986-8-3 For the first time after the founding of companies declared bankrupt
  • 1978-8-3 Strategist Luo's death
  • 1972-8-3 Deng Xiaoping wrote a letter to Mao Zedong
  • 1968-8-3 Our essayist Yang Shuo's death
  • 1965-8-3 China's first synthetic bovine insulin crystals
  • 1959-8-3 Mao Zedong refused Khrushchev proposed the establishment of the recommendations of the combined fleet and long-wave radio
  • 1958-8-3 First nuclear submarine "Nautilus", manufactured in the United States through the North Pole
  • 1956-8-3 Movie "Notre Dame de Paris" release
  • 1943-8-3 Stilwell seeks to speed construction Joint Assault Corps "
  • 1938-8-3 The Japanese encirclement to Wuhan
  • 1928-8-3 Chinese actress Tian Hua was born
Event occurred in the history on August-3

Event occurred in the history on August-3

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