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2024-8-5 Monday

  • 1997-8-5 The four-party talks on the Korean problem first preparatory meeting held in New York
  • 1967-8-5 Tiananmen Square, millions of people criticized Liu and Deng Tao
  • 1966-8-5 The Mao Zedong Post "Bombard the Headquarters - I'm a big-character posters"
  • 1962-8-5 The mysterious death of Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe
  • 1950-8-5 Taiwan KMT launched the "reform movement"
  • 1919-8-5 The outbreak of the nationalist movement in Turkey
  • 1864-8-5 The outbreak of the American Civil War Battle of Mobile Harbour
  • 1850-8-5 French novelist Guy de Maupassant's birthday
  • 1772-8-5 E Aopu Three first partition of Poland
  • 1100-8-5 Henry I was crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey
  • 2025-8-5 Liu Xiu accession to the throne, the establishment of the Eastern Han Dynasty
  • 1944-8-5 Chinese army captured the Myitkyina
  • 1963-8-5 Su Meiying signing of the Partial Test Ban Treaty
  • 1990-8-5 The writer Zhou Keqin Chengdu died
  • 1884-8-5 Three French warships to invade Taiwan Keelung, Qing Dynasty defender Liu Ming-chuan led his army to repel
  • 1998-8-5 Financial jaws the Soros attack the Hong Kong dollar
Event occurred in the history on August-5

Event occurred in the history on August-5

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