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2023-8-14 Monday

  • 2010-8-14 First Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore
  • 2007-8-14 Iraq the deadliest bomb attack
  • 2003-8-14 Northeastern United States and parts of Canada, a large area power outage
  • 1993-8-14 Japanese data for the first time confirmed that the Japanese army in China, using bacteriological weapons
  • 1992-8-14 The Long March II rocket launchers Austar
  • 1988-8-14 Ferrari car company founder Enzo Ferrari died in Modena
  • 1986-8-14 Chen Yun, Deng Xiaoping, Li Xiannian and conspired to "hand off"
  • 1986-8-14 Pakistan the Tony Naqi Er inherited father career
  • 1980-8-14 Polish workers strike
  • 1975-8-14 Mao Zedong launched the criticism of the "Water Margin"
  • 1956-8-14 German dramatist Bertolt Brecht's death
  • 1953-8-14 Soviet Union announced has hydrogen bomb
  • 1945-8-14 Ethnic Chinese Mr. Huang Yi served as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia
  • 1945-8-14 The CPC army in three columns radical Northeast
  • 1945-8-14 Chiang Kai-shek refused Mongolia autonomous requirements
  • 1945-8-14 The Pétain Marshal of France sentenced to death
Event occurred in the history on August-14

Event occurred in the history on August-14

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