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2024-8-18 Sunday

  • 2005-8-18 Hu Jintao Meets with Prime Minister of Bangladesh
  • 2002-8-18 Domestic Science and Technology Museum the first mathematical Hall in Tianjin completed
  • 2002-8-18 First private domestic securities companies - the people's livelihood securities companies unveiled in Beijing
  • 2000-8-18 China for Iran to build five VLCC - "zero" breakthrough
  • 1992-8-18 America, England and France decided to establish a "no-fly zone in southern Iraq."
  • 1980-8-18 Deng Xiaoping proposed to carry out the reform of the party and state leadership system
  • 1977-8-18 CPC XI "by the new party constitution
  • 1966-8-18 Mao received the Red Guards Photo Gallery
  • 1966-8-18 Chairman Mao Zedong first received the Red Guards
  • 1947-8-18 Northwest Field Army launched the Battle of Sand store
  • 1946-8-18 Luo Shiwen, car Yiu secret killings
  • 1942-8-18 Japanese anti-war alliance in North China Federation was
  • 1926-8-18 The Crusader attack Curtin Si bridge, heshengqiao
  • 1905-8-18 Anti-revolutionary organizations together will be set up
  • 1850-8-18 French writer Balzac's death
  • 1572-8-18 Margaret, sister of King Charles IX of France, married to Navarre King Henry
Event occurred in the history on August-18

Event occurred in the history on August-18

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