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2024-8-19 Monday

  • 2010-8-19 French government expelled nearly 100 Gypsies
  • 2010-8-19 State Council posthumously awarded the title of Outstanding Volunteer of the people of Hong Kong Huang Furong
  • 2010-8-19 The twenty-sixth International Congress of Mathematicians held in Hyderabad, India
  • 2007-8-19 The U.S. Army's ground armed robot first appeared in Iraq
  • 2000-8-19 "Three Rivers" Nature Reserve was established in China's largest and highest elevation
  • 1995-8-19 U.S. President Bill Clinton announced the establishment of diplomatic relations with Vietnam
  • 1994-8-19 Recruitment of public servants for the first time the central state organs
  • 1991-8-19 The Soviet Union, "the August nineteen" event
  • 1989-8-19 Columbia launched a comprehensive anti-drug war
  • 1985-8-19 Tropic of Cancer tower completed in Guangzhou
  • 1978-8-19 Red Guard in the stage of history disappears
  • 1968-8-19 Hebei Mancheng Han tombs excavated
  • 1953-8-19 Iran Mossadegh government was overthrown
  • 1948-8-19 National government issued gold yuan
  • 1946-8-19 Bill Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States, was born
  • 1945-8-19 The death of India's national liberation movement leaders Bowes
Event occurred in the history on August-19

Event occurred in the history on August-19

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