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2024-8-21 Wednesday

  • 2005-8-21 Twenty-third World University Games in Izmir, Turkey closed
  • 2000-8-21 Russia officially announced that all the officers and men of the Kursk victims
  • 1992-8-21 Braised beef noodle bowl "Master" listing
  • 1991-8-21 China Mayors' Association was established in Beijing
  • 1984-8-21 900,000 Filipinos held anti-Marcos parade
  • 1983-8-21 Famous people of the Philippines Benigno S. Aquino assassinated
  • 1980-8-21 Mao Zedong's historical status of the evaluation of Deng Xiaoping
  • 1967-8-21 The intrusion of the U.S. plane was shot down
  • 1964-8-21 The Tokyo Olympic torch lit in Olympia
  • 1959-8-21 The United States formally declared Hawaii as the 50th state
  • 1953-8-21 China Children team changed its name to the Chinese Young Pioneers
  • 1945-8-21 Chiang Kai-shek on behalf of China signed the United Nations Charter on
  • 1945-8-21 Japan formally surrendered to the Chinese
  • 1945-8-21 National Government announced the surrender area and surrender official
  • 1943-8-21 Danish writer, Nobel Prize winner in literature Peng Tuopi Dan's death
  • 1942-8-21 The outbreak of the Battle of Stalingrad
Event occurred in the history on August-21

Event occurred in the history on August-21

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