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2023-9-3 Sunday

  • 1983-9-3 Founder of the American Metrology and Intelligence Science and co-founder of Price's death
  • 1977-9-3 The World Baseball Wang Wangzhen rule to break record
  • 1969-9-3 Vietnamese party and government leaders in Ho Chi Minh's death
  • 1966-9-3 Chen Mengjia archaeologists and ancient text scientist died
  • 1966-9-3 Famous translator Fu Lei couple committed suicide
  • 1958-9-3 Martin Luther King, Jr. was arrested for vagrancy.
  • 1953-9-3 Khrushchev any first secretary of the CPSU Central Committee
  • 1943-9-3 Italy surrendered to the Allies
  • 1943-9-3 Italy surrendered to the Allies Image Gallery
  • 1926-9-3 The Crusaders commenced in Wuhan, Nanchang siege warfare
  • 1916-9-3 Zeppelin was shot down in air raids in London
  • 1905-9-3 Anderson was born, the discoverer of the positron and negative electrons, "meson"
  • 1904-9-3 Russian military defeat in the Russo-Japanese Liaoyang battle
  • 1900-9-3 The Boxer Rebellion four cutting Jiaobu the kill the outskirts of Beijing Boxer
  • 1900-9-3 The Woodland Marina owned by Beijing-handling and the Eight-Power Allied Forces conferences and matters
  • 1883-9-3 The death of a famous Russian writer Turgenev
Event occurred in the history on September-3

Event occurred in the history on September-3

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