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2023-9-14 Thurday

  • 1989-9-14 Hainan Governor Liang Xiang abuse of power is removed from office
  • 1989-9-14 Nujoma to return to the homeland of the leaders of the South West Africa People's Organization
  • 1988-9-14 China once again restore the rank system
  • 1980-9-14 The CPC Central Committee held a meeting to improve the agricultural production responsibility
  • 1959-9-14 The completion of the New China, Beijing Railway Station
  • 1927-9-14 Duncan's death, the founder of modern dance
  • 1867-9-14 First volume of "Das Kapital" published
  • 1321-9-14 European medieval writer Dante's death
  • 1993-9-14 The opening of the Capital Airport Expressway
  • 1990-9-14 The death of country renowned eye specialist, a cornea donors Professor Zhang Xiaolou
  • 1906-9-14 Chinese Farming founder of the Shen school year born
  • 1998-9-14 The death of President Yang Shangkun
  • 1960-9-14 OPEC was established
  • 1979-9-14 Family planning advocates Ma Yinchu completely vindicated
  • 1922-9-14 Anyuan strike by the miners, the National People's Congress
  • 1911-9-14 Tsarist Russia Prime Minister Stolypin was assassinated
Event occurred in the history on September-14

Event occurred in the history on September-14

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