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2024-9-21 Saturday

  • 1999-9-21 Taiwan Hualien southwest of a strong earthquake the continent relief was slander
  • 1985-9-21 Mexico, thousands of people were killed in a major earthquake
  • 1985-9-21 Martial arts novelist Gu Long died
  • 1975-9-21 The death of opera artist Li Shaochun
  • 1962-9-21 The film artist Ouyang Yuqian's death
  • 1962-9-21 Igor Stravinsky returned to the Soviet Union
  • 1931-9-21 Nanjing government to the League of Nations has accused Japan
  • 1920-9-21 The democratic revolution Zhu Zhixin killed
  • 1909-9-21 Feng Ru, China's aircraft designers first successful test flight
  • 1860-9-21 The death of the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer
  • 1853-9-21 Dutch physicist, the superconducting discoverer Heike card late Colin Onnes was born
  • 1558-9-21 Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain, Charles V died Iust monastery
  • 1558-9-21 Spanish King Juan Carlos I
  • 1069-9-21 The Song Shenzong to Wang Anshi new law, introduced Green Shoots Law
  • 1990-9-21 The death of one of the founders of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Xu Xiangqian
  • 1933-9-21 Of Deng in Xia Lieshi martyrdom
Event occurred in the history on September-21

Event occurred in the history on September-21

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