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2024-11-16 Saturday

  • 1994-11-16 The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea entered into force
  • 1991-11-16 First World women's football tournament in Guangzhou opening
  • 1981-11-16 Chinese women's volleyball team was world champion for the first time
  • 1978-11-16 Drama "was silent at the first show in Beijing
  • 1978-11-16 National final group of rightist Uncap
  • 1899-11-16 France forced the Qing government signed the Treaty of Guangzhou Bay Concession "
  • 1632-11-16 Lu Cen Battle of the outbreak of the Thirty Years' War
  • 1161-11-16 Tang Island battle occurred
  • 2009-11-16 Obama behind the black beauty strip animation became popular network
  • 1971-11-16 Horse, new, Indonesia announced that co-management of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore Straits
  • 1914-11-16 The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank was formally established
  • 1960-11-16 Soviet Union developed the machine into a "talking" to help the blind
  • 1892-11-16 Guo's birthday
  • 2006-11-16 U.S. economist Milton Friedman's death
  • 1987-11-16 Shares Group Jialing Group was established in the country's first
  • 1957-11-16 The establishment of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology
Event occurred in the history on November-16

Event occurred in the history on November-16

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