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2024-11-20 Wednesday

  • 2007-11-20 ASEAN leaders signed the ASEAN Charter "
  • 2000-11-20 Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori officially resigned
  • 1999-11-20 China's manned space project successful first flight test
  • 1992-11-20 Potala Palace repairs three works are completed
  • 1986-11-20 The Sichuan cold niitakayamensis germination giant panda rescued
  • 1986-11-20 "Sino-US cooperation" persons killed in the identity of all verified, was posthumously martyr
  • 1985-11-20 Nie Weiping was first in the the Go Challenge Cup victory
  • 1984-11-20 China for the first time to go to Antarctica expedition fleet set sail
  • 1980-11-20 General Assembly resolution called for Soviet troops to withdraw from Afghanistan immediately
  • 1980-11-20 The Special Tribunal of the Supreme People's Court trial of Jiang Qing counter-revolutionary clique
  • 1975-11-20 Spanish dictator Francisco Franco's death
  • 1962-11-20 The end of the Cuban missile crisis announced
  • 1962-11-20 West German government crisis occurs
  • 1945-11-20 Honjo fan of the Japanese war criminals to commit suicide
  • 1937-11-20 KMT government moved the capital to Chongqing
  • 1920-11-20 The world's first radio Radio
Event occurred in the history on November-20

Event occurred in the history on November-20

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