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2023-11-23 Thurday

  • 2010-11-23 North Korea shelled the island of inter-Korean dispute has caused four deaths and 20 injuries
  • 1985-11-23 Egypt's unprecedented hijacking tragedy
  • 1955-11-23 Modern Chinese medicine practitioners Kong Bohua died
  • 1943-11-23 The United Kingdom and the United States began air strikes in Berlin, Germany
  • 1936-11-23 Chinese army Sui Northern fight against war initiated by Japanese Invaders
  • 1936-11-23 "Seven Gentlemen" was sent to prison for
  • 1935-11-23 The North Shaanxi Red Army zhiluozhen victory
  • 1929-11-23 Clemenceau, the French Prime Minister of the First World War, the death of
  • 1920-11-23 Chen Duxiu presided over the drafting of the Manifesto of the Communist Party of China "
  • 1888-11-23 American musical comedian Harpo Marx was born
  • 1880-11-23 Qing government staff, Wang Han Xianzong, pacify Kanto gold
  • 1874-11-23 The birth of the American physicist Theodore Lyman
  • 1864-11-23 The Taiping leader Hong Ren?'s Death
  • 1863-11-23 Third in the American Civil War Battle of Chattanooga started
  • 0912-11-23 Otto the Great was born
  • 1982-11-23 Andropov as General Secretary of the USSR
Event occurred in the history on November-23

Event occurred in the history on November-23

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